At least ‘Baywatch’ has one thing going for it (and no, it’s not The Rock)

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How do you update Baywatch for 2017? 

The original was a cheesy TV drama mostly remembered for its slow-mo shots of busty women running down the beach, if it’s remembered at all — if you missed this property the first time around, you probably never bothered seeking it out in reruns.

Based on the Baywatch movie, it’s clear what the filmmakers thought would be the way to go. The new film gives Baywatch the 21 Jump Street treatment, which is to say that it refashions the old show as an R-rated comedy peppered with ridiculous action and knowing winks. 

But Baywatch serves as evidence that that formula isn’t as foolproof as it thinks. An unfunny script doesn’t get funnier just because it gets to use the F-word. Making a plotline more complicated doesn’t make it more interesting or more meaningful. Easter eggs are only fun if they’re clever. And just because a movie calls itself out for leering at women, doesn’t mean it’s not leering at women. Read more…

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